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A couple of months ago, in the HBinFive baking group, we made breads using the Whole Wheat Olive Oil Dough from the Healthy Bread In Five Minutes book. One of the breads we were supposed to make using that dough was Southwestern Focaccia.  At that time, I decided not to make focaccia. Instead, I made grilled pizza and it was delicious.

The reason I decided not to make the Southwestern Focaccia using the whole wheat olive oil dough was because I read the ingredients for the mesquite dough (page 171) and thought the focaccia would be awesome made with that dough. So I decided to wait until I could get some mesquite flour. 

Well, it just so happens that when I posted about the grilled pizza and mentioned mesquite flour, Peter at Casa de Fruta contacted me to introduce me to their mesquite flour.  It sounded wonderful! The folks at Casa de Fruta graciously sent me a sample so I decided to make this delicious focaccia for the May 1st Bread Braid instead of the Cinnamon Crescent Rolls. I had made and posted about the crescent rolls in November so I already knew they were good.

I’m glad I waited to make the Southwestern Focaccia with the mesquite dough. I love the flavor combinations. The mesquite flour gives the dough a unique flavor and the sauce and toppings on the focacca/pizza are fabulous!

mesquite-bread 024


Mesquite Dough 

The mesquite dough is made with mesquite flour, all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, corn masa, yeast, kosher salt, vital wheat gluten, water, agave syrup, Serrano peppers (or jalapeños) and chopped cilantro. 

mesquite-bread 006

I used jalapeños because I thought it would be too hot with the Serrano peppers.

mesquite-bread 007

After I made the dough, I let it sit on the counter for 2 hours.

mesquite-bread 008

Then I placed it in the refrigerator overnight.  This dough keeps for up to 7 days which is a good thing because it was almost 5 days before I had the chance to make the focaccia.

mesquite-bread 009

Southwestern Focaccia/Pizza with Roasted Corn & Goat Cheese

To make the focaccia, you take out a grapefruit-size portion of the mesquite dough and shape it into a ball.

mesquite-bread 014 

Then you flatten the dough into a 1/2-to 3/4-inch thick round for focaccia.  I flattened my dough out a little bit thinner so it was more like pizza.

mesquite-bread 015

Although the directions in the book say to add the toppings and then bake the focaccia, I par baked my dough for a few minutes before adding the toppings. 

mesquite-bread 017

Then I topped the focaccia/pizza with a delicious sauce of sautéed onions, poplano pepper, chili powder, cumin and diced tomatoes.  I really like this sauce and will most likely try it again with other pizza dough.  It’s really good!

mesquite-bread 012

Then, I added roasted corn and goat cheese and topped that with grilled chicken.  You can omit the chicken but I liked it.

mesquite-bread 018

Bake the focaccia/pizza on the baking stone until the crust has browned.  

mesquite-bread 020

It was a little hard to tell when the crust was done because the crust was already brown. I probably could’ve baked it a little bit longer.  It was a little bit top heavy, and the toppings kept falling off.

mesquite-bread 019

I was concerned that the pizza would be too hot (spicy) since it had jalapeños and poplano peppers in it, but it wasn’t hot at all.  It had a great flavor!

mesquite-bread 028

I think the only thing I would do different next time is to grill the pizza.  It has a smoky flavor due to the peppers, chili powder and cumin so I think grilling the pizza dough would really enhance the flavors.  It was raining the night I made this so I didn’t have that option, but it was still delicious!


Thanks for joining me in the bread-baking blog.  Check out to see the May 1st Bread Braid roundup.

Happy Baking!


I would also like to thank the kind folks at Casa de Fruta for letting me sample their mesquite flour.  It was a wonderful addition to this pizza.


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  1. oh ya...that makes total sense with that looks delish! Great idea

  2. What a great post Cathy! I can't wait to try mesquite flour! Does the package or the person sending you the sample tell you what it's made of? Ground mesquite????

  3. Ezzie, according to their brochure, mesquite flour is made from the bean pods of mesquite trees grown in Argentina and Peru. Very interesting stuff indeed.

  4. Love the way that recipe reads, doubt I could get that flour in oz but I am sure you enjoyed a great meal.

  5. That looks good. Never seen mesquite flour.

  6. WOW this was a great post..very your focaccia bread. I use serrano peppers and corn in my corn bread!!!

  7. I've never used mesquite flour before but I love anything grilled over mesquite so it must have tasted wonderful!


  8. You always make such interesting and unique breads. What fun to read your posts.

  9. Thanks everyone! I had fun with this one and it tasted great!

  10. Looks good! I have a hard time getting all the flours I need because I live outside a very small town. I guess I am keeping it all pretty simple.

  11. I am super excited to make this dough now! Looks delicious.

  12. OH WOW..does that dough sound incredible and it looks like you had a great time making it too.

    Ah oh, mesquite flour is a new flour for me and I can't wait to try it. I've lost count of number of flours I have now but I know I can make room for one more!

  13. Great post Cathy! I like to par bake my pizzas as well. Be sure to post how it does on the bar b!

  14. Great focaccia bread! Great post.

  15. Now I'm really looking forward to trying the mesquite flour! I'm pretty sure it won't be tuff to find here in Arizona. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've seen it in our neighborhood Walmart. :) Your focaccia looks great.

  16. I really really want to make this but the recipe for the dough is not here, just the ingredients. can anybody help me out??

  17. Hi Anonymous, due to copyright issues, we are not allowed to post the recipes from the HBinFive book. Send me an email via the Contact Us link at the top of this blog and I'll see what I can do.


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